“It’s About Time!”

Hi, there! The Wellness Welder here. I’m really glad you stopped by.

While my one-day welding sculpture workshops have existed for several years with great success, never have I taken the opportunity to completely focus on you, the gal that wants to learn new things, try something atypical, work with her hands, make cool stuff and maybe even break a stereotype or two.

For the last six years I worked  as a trainer for a major welding machine manufacturer. (Kinda cool, I was the first woman hired in this role. I kicked butt and took names so they hired a second woman. Two out of five trainers for North America ain’t bad.) Well, one day the sun and the moon seemed out of alignment so I took a soul-searching trip to New Zealand.  Standing on the top of a mountain, it sorta felt like this voice inside of me said, “Do it. Take the leap of faith. You need to do this.” I shared my dream of starting up a company with the express purpose of empowering women using the exciting medium of welding. Friends, acquaintances and even total strangers shouted, “Yes! It’s about time! I want to do this!!!” So Weld Like A Girl was born.

So, a couple of things to know… 1) Safety first. I will post stuff here that helps us all be safe so that we can have fun. 2) Before I became a welder, I worked extensively in the field of wellness. I will be sharing various bits about holistic wellness so that we can all grow not only as girls with mad skills, but also as human beings trying to navigate this earth. 3) I don’t tolerate bullies or mean people. I stand up for the underdog, even if the aggressor has bigger teeth. (I am the granddaughter of a stubborn Irish woman… I do not give up.) 4) My workshops are not limited to a specific geographical area. I used to travel every week for a living… organizing workshops in other parts of the country is not impossible. It just may take time.

I’m glad you’re here and I look forward to meeting as many of you as I possibly can.

-Wellness Welder

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  1. Welding is something that I want to do so bad that I can feel it in my bones, its like the steel calls to me… I have been taught by this person any that, but I lack the resources to go to school. Where can I find help?

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