Photo Gallery

Please enjoy  examples of amazing projects created at Weld Like A Girl™️. Btw, the majority of our classes are geared for complete beginners… you, too, can do this! 😎

Yard Art:

  •  Large or small yard art, the sky is the limit. Our workshop will be your playground! 😉

Bells/Wind Chimes:

  • Using recycled fire extinguishers, helium tanks or oxygen cylinders, create a bell or wind chime of your own design.

Kids’ Intro Class:

  • So far, we have taught kids as young as 5 years old but only you know how mature your child is. Children under the age of 14 are asked to have an adult present and dressed appropriately for class.

Wiener Dog Art:

  • Create a miniature wiener dog out of springs, sprockets & other odds & ends; guaranteed to not pee on your floor.

Seasonal Classes

birthday party heart

Hearts Broken/Mended/Otherwise… Whatever the status of your heart, it can be welded.

What Time Is It Anyway?!? on the two Sundays each year when Arizona celebrates NOT changing our clocks. 😀