Class Offerings


  • ALL classes begin with safety! Participants are taught about welding safety, plasma cutting and GMAW (MIG) welding (unless another welding process is specifically called for and noted). Ample demonstrations and practice time are provided.
  • We provide a small group setting of usually no more than 10-12 people so that everyone can get the individual instruction and attention they need.
  • We provide safety gear including welding jackets, gloves and helmets.
  • Classes are co-ed unless otherwise specified.
  • Children are permitted to register; so far, we have taught kids as young as 5 years old but only you know how mature your child is. (If you have a mature child under the age of 7, please contact us so we can discuss the possibility of participation.) Children under the age of 14 are asked to register with an adult.
    • Kids’ Day Class exception: we ask that a parent or guardian be on the premises for children under 14 years old; parents need not register.
  • WHAT TO WEAR: jeans, cotton t-shirt and closed-toe shoes (boots preferred; tennis shoes are OK; no sandals); please ensure ankles and feet are completely covered.
  • FYI: if you own safety glasses that fit you perfectly, you are welcome to bring them. Otherwise, we provide standard ANSI-approved safety glasses that are yours to take home.
  • Water, tea and light refreshments will be provided. A catered lunch is included for all full-day classes.

If you are military and/or a first responder, please call, e-mail or message us on Facebook or Instagram to receive a discount code.

VARIETY OF CLASSES [Click here for course descriptions] 2020 class descriptions

FULL-DAY (6-8 hours; lunch is included)

  • Couples (Registration fee includes admission for 2 people)
  • Horseshoe Art
  • Kids Camp: Pizza Fabrication (1 full day or 2 half-days)
  • Sea of Change (Blacksmithing & Welding)
  • Snapshot
  • Twisted Sisters (Blacksmithing & Welding)
  • Veteran’s Appreciation Welding Workshop
  • Yard Art

HALF-DAY (4 hours)

  • Bird on a Wire
  • Build-A-Journal
  • Father/Daughter (Registration fee includes admission for 2 people)
  • Four-Leaf Clover (Blacksmithing & Welding)
  • Grandparent/Grandchild (Registration fee includes admission for 2 people)
  • Happy Little Trees
  • Lantern Lights
  • Like Clockwork
  • Make-A-Minion
  • Make A Shower Gift
  • Mother/Child (Registration fee includes admission for 2 people)
  • Old Curmudgeon Art
  • Paws Up
  • Prickly Pear/Nopales/Beaver Tail Cactus
  • Scuba/Oxygen Tank Bells (or Wind Chimes)
  • Welding & Wine Tasting


  • A Littlewood Meets A Little Metal
  • A Snail’s Pace
  • Charismatic Cactus
  • Make-A-Succulent
  • Pushing Up Daisies (Blacksmithing & Welding)
  • Snowman/Snowwoman/Snowkid
  • Spoon/Fork Art
  • Wiener Dog Art
  • Yard Birds


  • Girl Scouts: Nailed It
  • Kids’ Day: Weld by Number
  • Pet Mum’s

SEASONAL (Half-Day or Evening)

  • Christmas Bells Are Ringing
  • Howl-O-Wiener Dog
  • Last-Minute Christmas Gifts
  • Lunar Phases (offered on or about full moon)
  • Old Curmudgeon Art
  • Pet Mum’s
  • The Great Pumpkin
  • Veteran’s Appreciation Welding Workshop
  • What Time is it Anyway?!? (offered on or about semi-annual time change)


  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Boy Scouts Welding Merit Badge
  • Make A Shower Gift
  • Private Lessons
  • Red Hat Society
  • Welder Certification Services


  • CET Welding Sculpture
  • Keynote Speaker/On-Site School Visits
  • Workshops for Warriors

By Category/Theme


  • Lunar Phases


  • Four-Leaf Clover
  • Petal to the Metal
  • Paws Up
  • Pushing Up Daisies
  • Sea of Change
  • Twisted Sisters


  • Horseshoe Art (Full-day)
  • Paws Up
  • Prickly Pear/Nopales/Beaver Tail Cactus
  • Yard Birds (3 hours)


  • Boy Scouts Merit Badge
  • Kids Camp: Pizza Fabrication (Full day or 2 half-days)
  • Kids’ Day (2 hours)
  • Girl Scouts: Nailed It (2 hours)


  • Lantern Lights
  • Scuba/Oxygen Tank Bells (or Wind Chimes)

REGISTER TOGETHER CLASSES (1 registration for 2 people)

  • Couples (Full-Day)
  • Mother/Child (Half-Day)
  • Father/Child (Half-Day)
  • Grandparent/Grandchild (Half-Day)

FOR MORE CLASS DETAILS & TO REGISTER: visit & click on the EVENTS tab.  Classes are added regularly so check back often.

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